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IF BUYING PLEASE HAVE PURCHASES EQUAL ATLEAST $10 PRE SHIP* shipping is $3.50 (includes d/c) for u.s. and $4.50 anywhere else. if you are in the u.s. and would like insurance it will be $2 more jlmk. if items aren't paid for within 24hrs of me giving a total i will unpend them (unless we have agreed upon different terms). UNFAMILIAR WITH THE BLACK PHOENIX ALCHEMY LAB?!?! i highly recommend you check out their unbeliveable site/offerings! i have no affiliation with any of these companies just a rabid fan/collector.

**I was stupid with my money and now only have $20 and won't get my first paycheck from my new job until the 24th. so i *need* to sell so i can buy a few outfits for work and food.

BPAL BOTTLES- 5ml full size
**Minamoto No Yorimitsu Cuts at the Earth Spider - Toasted sandalwood, tobacco flower, teakwood, castoreum accord, bourbon vanilla, and patchouli. full/shoulder $16
**ENNUI V42 - prototype at shoulder/full $12
**HYPOTHERMIA - Bone-chilling, heart-stopping cold. this is a *pretty* cold scent. 1ml $3.25
**REVENGE - prototype atmos squirt full $3.25
**TIRESIAS THE ANDROGYNE - (aged 3 yrs) Dark, moody, and bittersweet: black currant, patchouli, tobacco, cinnamon leaf, caramel, muguet, and red sandalwood. 99% $18
**PRIALA THE HUMAN PHOENIX - Three deep, dark myrrhs, smoke, and cinnamon bark. full $15.50
**SLEIPNIR - Confections spun of hazelnuts, honey, elderberries, and bilberries with a dusting of hay and a bit of carrot. 70% $10
**EL DIA DEL LOS REYES - Hot cocoa with cinnamon, coffee, and brown sugar. 99% $14
**GHULHEIM - smoke and black musk, bladderwrack, opopponax, galangal, and pepper. 49% $9
**BOO 2011 - Eerie billows of spun sugar, fluttering white cotton, and sheets of cream. 99% $14
**SILVER APPLE OF THE MOON - White apple with orris, agave nectar, moonflower, white sandalwood, and lotus root. 52% $7.50
**GOLDEN APPLE OF THE SUN - Golden apple with amber, hibiscus, carnation, frankincense, golden spiced tea, ginger, and champaca flower. 46% $7
**BLACK MOON BETH's 2011 - black orchid, motia attar, mugwort, English pear, jonquil, violet leaf, myrrh, opoponax, crystal musk, ylang ylang, and 5-year aged patchouli. 99% $18

MISC. 5ml BOTTLES unless marked
VIOLETTE MARKET: **SNOWSHOE (2009) - Snow-covered forest fir and cedar, frozen vanilla mint, maple wood, tree amber, leather laces, the crunch of snow underfoot, and the quietness of the woods in winter. 1/3 full $5
**NERVINE 10ml - sweet labdanum, fresh ginger, traditional styrax resin, aromatic cubeb, bergamot, lavender, ruby grapefruit, yuzu, butter CO2 extract, a dash of patchouli, and a hint of ambrette musk. full $12.50
**ROMANI PRINCESS 10ml - Dark garnet grapes, burnt sugar, fir needle oil, iron-distilled patchouli, river water, and our hand-extracted dragon's blood. full $12.50
**T.S. GOODFELLOWS WINTER CORRECTIVES TRANQUILITY - A palliative mix of apricot, peach, cream, sweet clove, and a union of calming herbs which combine to bear a strange olfactory resemblance to rich cheesecake. very full $9
ZOMG SMELLS: **DASTARDLY BANYAN - Sandalwood, fir-pitch, patchouli, and jolly big coconuts. full $9
**LOLA - Vanilla and spices doused in sticky-sweet frankincense and propped up on sky-high platform heels. full $9

RARE 1ml BPAL decants: as priced *OR all 8 for only $29*
~Playing with dangerous toys - dirt-smeared cocoa, with a Spanish moss, coconut, tobacco absolute, charred wooden beams, and blistered resins. full $3.50
~Kourabiedes - no descrip... spicy cookie. 97% $3.50
~Ecstacy of true love - Patchouli, carnation, peach blossom, frankincense, honeysuckle, and Spanish mandarin. 86% $3.50
~Agony of loss - French lavender, cedar, armoise, white sandalwood, awapuhi, and the smoke of burning love letters. 77% $3
~L'autunno - Hawthorn, fig, myrrh, carnation, toasted almond, red and green apple, patchouli, wood smoke, and Indian musk. $3.50
~Tiki king - Black coconut, black musk, lemon blossom, and ironwood bark. full $4.50
~Sibyl - Bourbon vanilla, Egyptian musk, olibanum, summer honey, white tea, Spanish mandarin, tea rose, cognac, and a faint trace of prussic acid. 98% $6
~Lord ruthven - Aqua Admirabilis with polished boot leather and blood. 97% $6

LE BPAL 1ml decants: all are ATLEAST 90% full unless marked... $2.50 each *OR* 3+ FOR ONLY $2 EACH!
~Inganok jewelers- Gleaming stone and silver.
~Waltz of the snowflakes- vanilla-laced snow, graceful and sweet, with fir needle and black pine bark.
~The steeple- Otherworldly fungus, Provençal herbs, and dark, shadowy woods.
~Scorpio 2007- Dark musk, wormwood, basil, dragon's blood resin, galangal, and opoponax. 75%
~Halloween los angeles- a strange incense of burning brush, junegrass, tumbleweeds, chaparral, and wild sage. 85%
~The decrepit house- dilapidated planks of mahogany and cypress wood perched feebly on a grim foundation of long dead leaves, black musk, patchouli, galbanum, tobacco absolute, fragonia, and oakmoss. 85%
~Committee of 300- polished wood, tobacco smoke, faded cologne, and neon discharge.
~The death of autumn- Dark amber, dead leaves, khus, saffron, bitter clove, chrysanthemum, camellia, galangal, and a drop of oud.
~Krampus 2006- Sinister red musk, black leather, dusty rags, and wooden switches. 82%
~Incessant torture of remorse- opopponax, lavender, blackberry, patchouli, olive leaf, myrtle, and white cognac.
~Narkissos- Gently blushing vanilla, haughty opoponax, duosmon, oude, and narcissus.
~The gilman house hotel- Musty, dilapidated furnishings, peeling paint, swamp gas, and decay.
~Valse finale et apotheose- three honeys, white mint, and apple blossom.
~Avenger- Plush vanilla bourbon and rum accord with pink pepper, patchouli, clove, pikaki, golden amber, caraway, tuberose, and jacarandá-da-bahia
~Mr. croup- tonka bean, black musk, bourbon geranium, and crushed porcelain.
~Olisbos 2010- polished wood, well-loved leather, and olive oil.
~The convocation- A macabre mélange of swanky men's colognes.
~13 (march 2009)- Bittersweet dark cocoa is surrounded here by 13 complex aspects, including exotic musks, caraway, allspice, aloes wood, lucky hand, Irish moss, and bamboo. Beneath it all is a glowing core of glistening cherry.
~Countess Dolingen of Gratz- Hailstone pounded cypress boughs, olibanum, and an ozone blast of lightning.
~Shadowless like silence- Dry leaves and white sandalwood, rock moss, cypress, and dry, lifeless roses.
~Zenobia- Orris, clove, costus storax, patchouli, hyssop, frankincense, balsam, and saffron.
~A wonderful light- Three radiant ambers with honey, linden blossom, bourbon vanilla, and orange zest

half BPAL LE decants $1 each unless marked
flor de muerto
deathly pride 38%
volt $1.25

BPAL YULETIME 2011 GENEROUS TESTERS! 15%-20% full only $.50 each: Workshop of filthy creation, A torrent of light, The reward of my benevolence, Solitary and abhorred, Breathless horror, Insupportable misery, Sorrowful affection, A dreary night of november, Snow White, Gelt, Lick it discreetly, Egg nog, Cold hour of dawn, Winter Heavens, Dust of Snow.

BPAL DISCONTINUED 1ml IMPS: no fill= full. most from a long time ago and some are quite rare! as priced *OR ALL 11 FOR $13.50*
mars 72% $1.75
sagittarius 2004 90% $2
old kathmandu 2004 80% $1.75
goneril 90% $1.75
melpomene 65% x2 $1 each
magdalene 82% $1.50
szepasszony $1.75
kostnice x2 full $1.75 each
calliope 50% $1

other company 1ml decants: (each atleast 90% most 100%+ full unless specified)

conjure oils 1ml decants: $1.50 each unless marked
ella's demons BOTTLE - Dirty hippie patchouli with swirls of psychedelic cinnamon, orange blossom, tonka, sweet fig and black currant. 25% full $2.50
Cercles Mystérieux des Adolescentes
the vermillion bird
blood type A
Rondes Printanières
danse sacrale
esmerelda plague witch
wendy tempest witch

violette market 1ml decants: $1.50 each unless marked
ghost town- 1ml in BOTTLE $2.25
gingerbread house
midway bar-bee-que pit
midway cherry bomb
grandfathers pipe
fairy shoemaker 70% $1
vamp lounge 80% $1.25
chocolate fire ant 65% $1
1/2 DECANTS $0.75 EACH
julian rimbauer
arabella ardent composer cat on city of clouds
high court of red hearts
leather wood (sunbear local honey)
reverend john "perry" wilkey III
strawberry cotton candy

BPAL General Catalog 1ml IMPS $1 EACH (most are full but all atleast 80%.)
the old goblin, djinn, red devil, danube, bewitched, roadhouse, tintagel, anathema, blood lotus, queen, black tower, bon vivant, le serpent qui danse, incantation, and vice

empty/testable bpal bottles 0.75c each
pumpkin I 2009, velvet dogs playing poker, velvet clown, candied pumpkin, and 2007 yules: november, midwinters eve, the snow storm, angeronalia, egg nog, the fruit of paradise, and la befana.

ILE DE TAHITI TIARE perfume full 1.7 oz : discontinued and htf! Like an open window on a warm Tahitian night. Precious Tiare Gardenia is entwined with crushed Bamboo wrapped by exotic Ylang Ylang, tropical Frangipani, and opulent Tuberose, then warmed with native Vanilla. As spicy and sensual as the many islands... this is my fav perfume but i have too much! cheapest i could find online was $32 so i will sell this one for $22 ;)
WEN SWEET ALMOND MINT styling creme : used 1x 95% full $5

bpal freebies upon request (pick 1 per every $10 of products purchased): android tester, le revenant tester, vampire bride tester, and infernal lover (non musk) tester

$3 EACH unless marked or *PICK ANY 4 FROM 1ST LIST FOR ONLY $10!!!* shipping in the u.s. is $4 for just 4 dvd's (media mail) w/ perfume too ship is $1 more (first class). shipping international ??? please ask! oh and i should mention i am also willing to swap these dvds for your perfumes!

BUY ALL THE DVDS? thats only $110 shipped u.s. w/ ins.!!!

ALMOST FAMOUS ... kate hudson/billy crudup/jason lee/anna pacquin/phillip seymore hoffman
AMERICAN BEAUTY ... kevin spacey/annette bening/mena suvari
AQUAMARINE... emma roberts/sara paxton/jojo
BLAZING SADDLES... gene wilder/cleavon little/slim pickens/harvey korman/madeline kahn
THE BROOD... oliver reed/samantha eggar
BRUCE ALMIGHTY... jim carrey/jennifer aniston/morgan freeman
THE BUSINESS OF STRANGERS... stockard channing/julia stiles
CHINATOWN... jack nicholson/faye dunaway
DOUBLE JEOPARDY... ashley judd/tommy lee jones
DOWN WITH LOVE... renee zellweger/ewan mcgregor/david hyde pierce
DROP DEAD GORGEOUS... kirsten dunst/denise richards/kirstie alley/ellen barkin
FINDING NEVERLAND... johnny depp/kate winslet/dustin hoffman
GUN CRAZY... drew barrymore
THE HOURS ... nicole kidman/meryl streep/julianne moore
HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS... jim carrey/molly shannon
HOW TO DEAL... mandy moore/allison janney
HYSTERICAL BLINDNESS... uma thurman/juliette lewis/gena rowlands
IN GOOD COMPANY... scarlett johansson/topher grace/dennis quaid
KING KONG... naomi watts/jack black/adrien brody
MEAN GIRLS... rachel mcadams/lindsay lohan/amanda seyfried/tina fey
MICKEY BLUE EYES... hugh grant/james caan/jeanne tripplehorn
MISS CONGENIALITY... sandra bullock/benjamin bratt
MR. AND MRS. SMITH... brad pitt/angelina jolie
NOTTING HILL... julia roberts/hugh grant
OCEAN'S ELEVEN... george clooney/brad pitt/julia roberts/matt damon
THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA... gerard butler/emmy rossum
PIECES OF APRIL... katie holmes/patricia clarkson/oliver platt
THE PLEDGE... jack nicholson/robin wright penn/aaron eckhart/benicio del toro
THE PRINCE OF EGYPT... (animated/dreamworks)
ROMPER STOMPER... russell crowe
RUNNING SCARED... paul walker/vera farmiga
SHARK TALE... (animated/dreamworks) will smith/jack black/renee zellweger/robert de niro
SIGNS... mel gibson/joaquin phoneix
SPANGLISH... adam sandler/tea leoni/cloris leachman
SPREADING GROUND... dennis hopper
THE STEPFORD WIVES... nicole kidman/matthew broderick/bette midler/faith hill/glen close
TRAPPED... charlize theron/kevin bacon/stuart townsend
UPTOWN GIRLS... brittany murphy/dakota fanning/heather locklear

THE 10th KINGDOM... $12 (a magical mystical fantastical adventure!) 3 disc set 417mins cheapest one starting at $20 on ebay!
THE TWILIGHT ZONE (2002-2003 remake) 43 episodes/6 discs (16hrs!)... (this series is full a famous peeps) i like these better than the original! $10
THE AVIATOR (brand new/wrapped) $5... leonardo dicaprio/cate blanchett/kate beckinsale/jude law
REMAINS OF THE DAY/SENSE AND SENSIBILITY (double feature) $4... anthony hopkins/emma thompson/alan rickman/hugh grant/kate winslet

here's my mostly updated wishlist incase u wanna swap (still need to add recent conjure oils, violette market, and possets)http://angelatarantula.livejournal.com/14428.html


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wish to purchase
irrelavent and surreal dreams of a crawdad 96% FULL

sagittarius 2004 90% $2
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